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By outsourcing your investor relations program to a team of senior level practitioners you free up significant amounts of management time without sacrificing quality.  You get a multiple of one person’s experience for a fraction of the price.  Your execs can better balance building the business rather than continuously educating and updating new and existing shareholders and analysts about day-to-day operations.  Save C-suite time by having a trusted partner carry your company’s message forward. 

Imagine the dream roadshow when your prospects already know the company background and strategy taught by IR Sense.  Our objective is to avoid this first question at the meeting “Can you walk me through the deck – I’m new to your story and I missed the presentation.”   Our mission is to increase the efficiency of the C-Suite when interacting with the investment community.

Think about this - companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on stock buyback programs after they stumble and attract activist shareholders, yet many fail to invest in their investor relations efforts up front. Through the implementation of a sophisticated proactive IR/PR  program companies can increase their exposure to the best investors for their story, and improve communications.  This leads to better relationships with stakeholders and in turn can lead to new and improved sell side coverage and increased trading liquidity.